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Obesity is a chronic disease and a public health crisis that puts patients at risk for other health problems including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and infertility. These risks are greatly reduced through weight reduction and maintenance. Obesity is not a vanity issue but a health risk issue and medically supervised weight loss save lives.

Dr. Bassi is a medical weight loss specialist certified in Obesity (Bariatric) Medicine. As a medical weight loss doctor he believes in the power of the 4 pillars of obesity medicine which contribute to wellness and healing of the patient. These include diet, behavioral modification counseling, FDA approved medications and exercise. Bassi Clinic a medical weight loss center offers treatment based on the 4 pillars of obesity medicine. In addition, the clinic offers wellness and lifestyle coaching under the guidance of a weight loss (Bariatric) certified physician.

As a weight loss specialist Dr. Bassi also recommends and promotes intermittent fasting, plant based diet, lifestyle changes and wellness which contribute in healing our body and mind. He believes every individual has their own weight loss journey as the factors that cause weight gain differ for every person. He will help you to take control of your health while guiding you in a non-judgmental way!

Bassi Clinic is a unique comprehensive medical weight loss clinic which offers state of art primary care and medical weight loss under one roof. Join hands with Bassi Clinic on your final and permanent weight loss journey.

Our Medical Weight Loss Clinic’s Goals Are:

  • To help minimize or reduce health risks associated with obesity through successful weight loss.
  • To help patients focus on a healthy lifestyle and improve their quality of life through weight loss and maintenance.
  • To help you maintain long-term weight loss.

Why Us?

  • You don’t have to rely on fad diets or gimmicks! We help you lose weight organically and by proven scientific methods under the guidance of a Obesity (Bariatric) medicine certified specialist.
  • Continuity in care. Dr. Bassi offers both primary care and medical weight loss under one roof.
  • We offer high-quality Meal replacement programs which are very low calorie (VLCD), low calorie (LCD) and modified low calorie diet (MLCD). These help ensure healthy nutrient intake during weight loss, maintain optimal calorie levels, as well as teach patient portion control and meal planning.
  • Teach you behavior modification and educate you about mindful eating practices for safe and effective weight loss.
  • Individual counseling to promote compliance to the diet, improve nutrition knowledge, introduce exercise, change the food thinking process, modify lifestyle, reduce stress, and improve self-confidence while minimizing “food cues”.
  • We help re-establish healthy relationship with food, self-monitoring with eating awareness, stimulus control, and self-responsibility. Healthier lifestyle and subsequent weight loss increase self-esteem and improve self-image.
  • We help you understand nutrition and read food labels.
  • Utilize FDA-approved medications for weight loss under supervision and close follow-up.
  • Whether you are fighting to lose or maintain weight loss, we understand!! We address the four pillars of clinical obesity medicine which include nutrition, exercise, behavioral change and FDA approved medications. This is all done under the guidance of an Obesity specialist at Bassi Clinic. Let us win this fight together.
Medical Weight Loss _ Bassi Clinic
  • We offer high-quality Low calorie and Very low calories diet programs, which help ensure healthy nutrient intake during weight loss, maintain optimal calorie levels, as well as teach patient portion control and meal planning.
  • Medical supervision under Dr. Bassi and his team, includes lab testing and medical monitoring, contraindications, and side effects.
  • A healthier lifestyle and subsequent weight loss increase self-esteem and improve self-image.
  • Learn how to understand nutrition, read food labels, count carbs, and calories, choose healthy foods, the role of essential nutrients, supplements, water, and fiber in your diet, and mindful eating practices.

Our Comprehensive Medical Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • Detailed evaluation of the medical and dietary history
  • Complete physical and mental assessment
  • Body composition analysis with In Body machine
  • Metabolic rate evaluation with indirect calorimetry
  • Lab work and EKG
  • A personalized program with close follow up
  • Meal replacements and supplements are available
  • Affordable meal plans that you can easily follow
  • FDA approved weight loss medications as needed
  • Behavior therapy and Dietician referral as needed
  • Most major insurances accepted
  • Non-judgmental and supportive environment

What To Expect At Your Appointment:

Initial visit
  • A full detailed history and Physical Examination
  • Body Composition Analysis (BCA) using In-body
  • Basal Metabolic Rate analysis using Reevue
  • EKG on site and Lab work
  • Dr.Bassi designs a personalized plan just for you
Follow up
  • Weight & BP checks with staff every 7 days
  • Meet Dr. Bassi every 2 weeks(can be a tele-visit)
  • Body Composition Analysis every 4 weeks
  • Lab work and EKG as needed
How Can Our High-Quality Meal Replacements Help You:
  • Convenient for patients, no need to think about what to eat next
  • Provide adequate, high quality, well-balanced nutrition
  • Reduces need for food shopping and preparation
  • Controlled calorie intake
  • Easy to carry and store. No refrigeration needed
  • Choose from Bars, Shakes, Puddings, and Meals
  • Cost savings over buying and preparing food or eating out
15  min.


(In-person or Remote) with an Obesity specialist (Bariatric Medicine Physician). Call to see if the program is right for you.

Call to see if the program is right for you.

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